Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a leading technology for digital representation of buildings and infrastructure, and the way they designed, constructed and operated. And it’s able to simulate and help to improve decision making and preference throughout all the stages of a project from modeling to the eventual design, construction and operation process.

The key elements of 3D BIM simulation apart from the three stated above are: module, design and construction. Our vast resources of talent are deployed whenever and wherever there is a requirement of their services.

We apply computer-aided design technology to all projects, regardless of their size. Each one is given full attention and worked on diligently.

The benefits of digital project representation are huge for the project’s owner, architects, Engineers and developers. This allows them to see the completed project in virtual reality and examine it thoroughly and empowers project owner and designers to see if the project satisfies their expectations and is worth all the investment they are planning to make in it.


3D modeling for residential and commercial buildings

2D CAD Architectural/structural plans

Building Layout

As-built/record drawing

Construction Management

Ensure your project moves smoothly without hiccups through VCE’s construction management services

We employ the latest innovations and technologies to our construction management techniques. Apart from the drawings and illustrations that serve to guide the workers, we also put in place protocols and procedures that remove any unwanted hurdles from the way.

By delineating the domains in which different people will have to work, we prevent unnecessary confusion and clatter. By setting clear goals for each team, we can optimize their individual contributions which also enhance the overall performance of the entire unit.

Project Scheduling


Keeping projects progressing as per schedule is a challenge. It’s not just ‘what’ but also ‘when’ that plays a big role in the construction process. This is why we provide top-notch project scheduling services.

The technique we use for this purpose is called critical path method (CPM) format. This employs the precedence network technique as well as in-line bar format. Both are supported by a CPM logic networking diagram that sets the order in which different works are to be given precedence and ensures efficiency and coordination.

It also lays out the interdependence relationship, duration and critical path of the activities to be executed and as well as resource allocation pertaining to equipment, skilled workman and materials.


For any information regarding our work or the services we provide, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to answer all your queries. You can also explore possibilities of partnership with us on specific projects through communication.

Why VISTA Consulting Engineers?

Why VISTA Consulting Engineers?

The role of business mentors can’t be overstated. We ensure that the clients we chose to work with are those whom we can serve in the most effective and efficient manner. It’s our guiding principle to give each of our clients all the time and guidance they require.

Whether you need a strategic alliance or expertise in a particular domain, get in touch with us and we will thoroughly explore the possibilities of working with you. Our knowledge would help you in refining your plan into its best possible incarnation and with our continuing assistance, those plans would be brought alive in the most satisfying and impressive manner.