Vista Consulting Engineers is devoted to achieving highest standards in the field of construction and design.

Combination of efficiency and quality is our hallmark

Vista Consulting Engineers, LLC. (VCE) is an organization possessing unparalleled expertise in the field of construction and design industry.
Whether its 3D modelling, 2D Structural/Architectural plans or as-built drawings preparation,our team of professionals have the expertise in these fields and apply the latest tools and techniques along with their extensive skill and knowledge to produce realistic Architectural/Structural models, construction drawing & details.

We also offer exceptional services for project management. Our focus remains on ensuring that everything happens as per schedule and there are no needless delays. Nothing proves more expensive and wasteful in a construction project than having constant changes and extensions of deadlines.

This is where our efficiency with design & detailing comes in. Whether its 3D designs modelling, 2D CAD drawings, or As-built drawings preparation, they are all fully endowed with the relevant information that will smoothen the path to perfect execution of the project.

No matter how ambitious your project is or how much intricacy you seek to endow it with, our team will be able to help you achieve your goal.



For any business, especially ones involving consultancy, trust is a primary requirement. This is no different when it comes to our area of work as well. This is why we have made trust a central pillar of our business model.

We would ensure that throughout the project, there is constant consultation and free-flowing discussion to ensure that both sides are on the same page and there is no risk of any misunderstanding creeping in.

We will completely work towards fulfilling your plans and targets rather than imposing our own ideas and views on the project.

You can also trust our discretion when it comes to choosing the personnel to assist you in this endeavor. They will be professionals and possessing the best skills. Their commitment will be bolstered by a culture, ethics and integrity of demanding work.


Getting work done on time is one thing,but getting work done that is as rich in quality as demanded is another thing. We have strict adherence to quality standards and don’t allow any leniency when it comes to them.

Compromising with quality to achieve target is completely proscribed in our organisation. We realise that while preparing drawings and models for project is not an artistic task as drawing a painting is, it does require a great deal of concentration, experience and focus. So, we don’t rush our team members to do their task faster at the expense of maintaining quality.

We also have provisions for strict quality-testing mechanisms. Our works are meant to be without any flaws and of as high quality as possible. To weed out any flaws that may have crept into the system or those which may have been overlooked, we take recourse to quality testing of the strictest variety.

This will ensure that when you receive our designs, they can be put into use without even the slightest diffidence on your part. On top of that, our team would constantly be in touch with you to bring in any last-minute changes which may be required.


We have ample experience in all spheres of activities related to design and construction. Our team has experienced all phases of a project; from project initiating, planning, execution to project closeout and has excelled in turning ambitious ideas into feasible project.